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Butters and Blacksoap

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Bundle

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Bundle

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil lovers, this one is for You. Get 4 amazing natural products for hair and skin. 1 low price.

You will receive:

1 - 8 ounce Jar of Unrefined shea butter with JBCO, argan oil & Vitamin E
My 100% pure and natural Shea butter is 8 ounces of absolute goodness. Extremely nourishing for your skin and hair, it’s packed with the finest ingredients, including unrefined Shea butter, Jamaican black castor oil, vitamin E and the “liquid gold” of the beauty world — pure uncut Moroccan argan oil. It’s your new beauty regimen best friend.

1 - Bar of our 6 - 7 oz bar of African Black Soap with JBCO
African Black Soap is made from the skins of various plants, leaves and tree barks. Plantain skins are widely used, along with, palm leaves and cocoa pods. A variety of oils and butters are also used, such as, coconut oil, palm & palm kernel oils & shea butter.

We've added Jamaican black castor oil to this bar. It gives it a creamy lather and is great for the skin and hair.

1 - 8 oz jar of Black Castor Hair Jelly
If your hair could smile, it would! My Jamaican Black Castor hair jelly is a natural hair product that’s just what your locks are looking for — moisture. Use it directly on your scalp and hair to seal in moisture, smooth and protect ends, and add incredible shine. Great for wet or dry hair and perfect for keeping your brushed-up ponytails and poofs looking fabulous. Your hair will simply thrive with this amazing light hair pomade.
Lightly scented with the delightful aroma bergamot essential oil and fragrance

1 - 4 oz bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Nourish your hair, roots and scalp with our Jamaican black castor oil. Promote thick and healthy hair by sealing in moisture and letting this wonder oil do its work.
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