African Black Soap - 3 Pound Loaf

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A 3-pound loaf of authentic African black soap bars. All of our loaves are packed with skin-loving ingredients like seaweed, turmeric, natural oats, essential oils, and more. 

The dimensions for each loaf are 10" L x 3.6 W x 2.25  H

Turmeric & Oatmeal -  Turmeric and oatmeal are just what you need to help maintain flawless skin. It is packed with organic turmeric powder, soothing oatmeal, and nourishing black seed oil. 

Sea Moss - All of the natural goodness of mineral-rich organic sea moss is packed into this bar of soap. It has a rich and nourishing lather and is blended with organic butters and oils.

Bladderwrack - Another loaf packed with natural seaweed that is full of nutrients and minerals. Bladderwrack is great for aging skin. 

Activated Charcoal & Turmeric -  Detoxifying activated charcoal, organic turmeric powder and unrefined shea butter.

Peppermint - Blended with quality peppermint essential oil and natural cocoa butter.

Lavender - Blended with quality lavender essential oil and natural cocoa butter. 

Neem - Lots of ayurvedic neem oil is added to this loaf. Helps to keep the scalp healthy and flake free. 

Tea Tree - Blended with quality tea tree essential oil and natural cocoa butter. 

Triple Butter -  Unrefined shea butter, raw cocoa butter, and pure mango butter. All of this buttery goodness creates a rich, creamy and moisturizing lather.