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Non Petroleum Jelly

Non Petroleum Jelly

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Protect your baby's sensitive skin with our PETROLEUM FREE and all-natural Non-Petroleum Jelly. It creates a barrier between a wet diaper and a baby's delicate skin. Babassu oil absorbs quickly into the skin and olive oil will help to keep the baby's skin soft and nourished.

- Unscented/Fragrance-free
- Contains organic babassu oil
- Infused with lavender flowers
- 8-ounce container
- Long-lasting (a little goes a long way

This can also be used on adult skin. When applied to wet or damp skin, it can help to lock in moisture. Lips, elbows, knees, cheeks or any area that needs a little extra hydration.

Ingredients: Castor oil, olive oil, babassu oil, beeswax and lavender flowers.
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